How to decide where your monogram should be projected

So there are many different factors that you need to consider when trying to find the perfect location for your monogram.  

1.  Do your venue have an area in the room that you can project on like an open wall?  

2. If the venue does not have an open wall, will the monogram look good on the dance floor?

3. Does your cocktail hour area, or foyer next to your room have a unique place to projector the monogram.  

Here are some pros for having your monogram projected on the dance floor:

1. On the dance floor, the monogram is very easy for all of your guest to see  

2. The monogram will look amazing on the dance floor in your first dance photos  

3.  All of your guest will see it when they enter the room  


Here are a few cons for the monogram being projected on the dance floor:

1. Unless the projector is placed in the best possible location, the image will most likely look distorted  

2. Depending on your design, the monogram may look distorted even if the projector is in the perfect location  

3. Once dancing starts, none of your guest will be able to see the monogram anymore.