Strategies for choosing the right Disc Jockey

You will find several factors to consider when searching to hire a San Diego Wedding DJ. It calls for more than just a great sales pitch and personality. Many factors get into why a DJ is qualified and in a position to supply a higher level of services for both you and your guest at the Wedding. Do they act as the M.C. as well as the Disc Jockey? Are they familiar with lighting design and audio video technology? An excellent Disc Jockey possess experience, talent, professionalism and much more! Selecting the best Wedding Disc Jockey for your ceremony and reception can be accomplished a lot easier when your Disc Jockey is excellent in the following 5 areas:

1. Master of Ceremonies - A San Diego Wedding DJ must have the talent to announce and coordinate the wedding reception to your specifications. Make certain to discover which kind of style M.C. he or she is. Some are corny and cheesy, while some are professional and understand how to keep things moving with no focus on themselves. In the end, your big day is about both you and your spouse, not the Disc Jockey.

2. Wedding Planning - An excellent Disc Jockey is able to execute traditional wedding events such as a Grand Entrance, First Dance and so forth while still providing the client with fresh new ideas, and ways to have a successful wedding. Maybe a choreographed first dance, or a routine for the whole Wedding Party? An excellent Disc Jockey can also act as a wedding coordinator, having the ability to assist you in planning and executing the perfect Reception.

3. Experienced Lighting Specialist - A well rounded Disc Jockey is able to set the atmosphere of the event simply by using various lighting. Up lighting, Monogram Lighting, Color Washes,and pins spots are typically the most popular for Wedding Receptions.  During your initial consultation, ask the DJ if you can view some photos from past wedding receptions that utilized these effects.

4. Premium Equipment - A full time, professional mobile Disc Jockey will utilize premium sound and lighting equipment. This means that the equipment that he uses is considered industry standard, or above. In all aspects of life, you get what you pay for. Electronic DJ equipment is no different. For example, a Disc Jockey can purchase a $100 wireless microphone system or he can purchase a $1000 wireless microphone system. Make certain the Disc Jockey is utilizing the highest quality equipment possible. You wouldn't trust a photographer to just walk around and take pictures with a cheap disposable camera? Exactly!  Just like you shouldn't trust a DJ that utilizes low quality, basic level equipment.

5. This is a no brainer, but a Disc Jockey that works well with all Vendors is a MUST!!!  When you have an initial consultation with a potential Disc Jockey, make sure that they are easy going, and do not have an over baring personality.   

-Image in this article provided by Mark Lenoce